Message from the Managing Director

Jobs On Sight is the other name for disruptive innovation. This is a first-of-its-kind mobile application armed with tools that accumulate the best in white- collar and blue- collar jobs. A mix of Indian market analysis and indigenization and global expertise are in unison to take human relations a notch higher.

We are especially proud of the seamless integration of blue-collar jobs into our platform that our team of experts has been able to do. We give power to the unorganized sector and reduce hassles for the daily wage workers. After all, there is a growing demand for their skills and they are the pillars, but are sadly taken for granted.

We already boast of a huge database of workers across 100 categories and sub-categories. Jobs On Sight directly aligns the service provider and service seeker in the most convenient arrangement and helps both engage in a mutually beneficial alliance.

JOS has chosen to take advantage of a steady spurt in the use of smart phones and smart devices and the high- speed data connectivity available. A quicker access is much sought after. With the job market getting highly competitive, it is about not missing out on an opportunity and making hay when the time is ripe.

We intend to make ourselves relevant to students and handhold them through summer internship of choice, helping them to utilize their time and make a first dent in their career.

Jobs On Site will be a consistent partner in your growth. We are just a swipe away. Come join us and explore.

Avinash Sondhi
Avinash SondhiFounder & Managing Director
Guenter Stallecker
Guenter StalleckerCo-Founder & Director
Luc Abert
Luc AbertDirector

Jobs On Sight International US Office

Alex Kendrew
Alex Kendrew President of Southwest Region
Jesuit College Prep 2006
University of Oklahoma 2010
University of Dallas 2016
Theresa Salmon
Theresa SalmonVice President of Operations Southwest Region
Ursuline Academy of Dallas 2007
Saint Louis University 2011
Saint Louis University 2014
Mickey Wittum
Mickey WittumVice President of Finance Southwest Region
Jesuit College Prep 2005
University of Kansas 2009
Kaitlin McGarry
Kaitlin McGarry Vice President of Sales Southwest Region
Ursuline academy of Dallas 2008
Loyola Marymount university 2012

Jobs On Sight International India Office

Office Admin

Manish Barot
Manish BarotSr. Manager
Kavita Varma
Kavita VarmaHR Manager
Shweta Singh Rajput
Shweta Singh RajputHR Executive
Divya Vaghela
Divya VaghelaExecutive Front Desk
Anant Suthar
Anant SutharHR Executive
Sonam Grover
Sonam GroverCRM Team Leader
Mrughanshi Dekate
Mrughanshi DekateCRM Executive
Bhanupriya Thakur
Bhanupriya ThakurCRM Executive

Sales & Marketing

Sunil Lamba
Sunil LambaNational Sales Head
Pavan Sharma
Pavan SharmaManager Business Development
Gaurav Khanna
Gaurav KhannaManager Business Development
Jaynika Christan
Jaynika ChristanManager Corporate Sales

IT Team

Mitul Bhanushali
Mitul BhanushaliIT Head
Akshay Degada
Akshay DegadaSr. iOS Developer
Chirag Savaliya
Chirag SavaliyaSr. iOS Developer
Rajendra Singh Solanki
Rajendra Singh SolankiSystem Admin
Sabirali Kharodiya
Sabirali KharodiyaSr. PHP/Drupal Developer
Mohasinali Nodoliya
Mohasinali NodoliyaPHP Developer
Ankit Dudakiya
Ankit DudakiyaUI/UX Designer
Dilip Rudani
Dilip RudaniAndroid Developer
Sajidhusain Kharodiya
Sajidhusain KharodiyaQA