</br> A week at JOS  </br>
January 31, 2019

A week at JOS

My love still new and rejuvenating each day. So the concept of soul mates and ‘the one’ are apparently true.

In one of the meetings with Avinash Sondhi CEO of Jobs on sight International Pvt Ltd, he told me this one thing- “You are now in a new relationship with JOS and if you give your 100 % to it, you get married to it.”

The cluster of what it meant is- “get compassionate so much to your work that it becomes your partner, not an exhausting task you need to do for the sake of money.”

Why do we work?

To be able to earn for our caliber, which would eventually help us survive, meet our daily expenses.

But that isn’t it.

The kind of person that I am, I cannot just force myself to work for money, moreover I do not like to feel that I am WORKING.

And to my surprise, it is happening. Even though the work environment is strict, disciplined, people are working on their desks constantly, I see happy faces. Everyone giving there share of love and affection to this new company which is a baby to Avinash. Everybody making it grow, developing a team all over the world and making it happen.

With each day passing, I am getting more and more involved into this. Initially, it was the concept of the company that took me off guards, but now it is the very team that is keeping work interesting.

All my life I had been experimental, couldn’t stick to one task forever, I needed creativity and muti tasking. And when Avinash understood that, he has been keeping it a point that I grow here. Make me understand where my passion lies.

Every day has been new, with new challenges, new ideas ,constant motivation. An environment like this is what I had been dreaming for and finally I am living it.