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Jobs On Sight is the other name for transformative innovation. This is a first-of-its-kind mobile application armed with tools that accumulate the best in white- collar and blue- collar jobs. A mix of Indian market analysis, indigenization and global expertise are in unison to take human relations a notch higher. We are especially proud of the seamless integration of blue-collar jobs into our platform that our team of experts has been able to do. We give power to the unorganized sector and reduce hassles for the daily wage workers. After all, there is a growing demand for their skills and they are the pillars, but are sadly taken for granted. We intend to make ourselves relevant to students and handhold them through summer internship of choice, helping them to utilize their time and make a first dent in their career.
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World’s 1st & only location based Job platform

Jos app (Jobs On Sight) is an application available on iOS and Android, designed to provide jobs in local area and nearby services. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to spot lucrative employment opportunities for job hunters nearby your location. Jos app bridges the gap between a service provider and service seeker in more ways than one. It helps detect both on a map without using airtime. Just choose your pick.
01Make your job hunt easy
02Hire potential candidates around you
03Reach Global live audience
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Avinash Sondhi
Founder & Managing Director
Jobs On Sight will be a consistent partner in your growth. We are just a swipe away. Come join us and explore