GPS based job search & Hiring services
October 18, 2018

GPS based job search & Hiring services

Job search services and that too based on GPS or your location. Is't, it exciting? Jobs On Sight is an application available on iOS and Android, designed to provide location-based jobs and services. Jobs On Sight is an innovative GPS-based hiring application for all jobs and services.

The newest tech-backed platform on the block has already created a lasting imprint in the human resource market, generating excitement.It utilizes cutting-edge technology to spot lucrative employment opportunities for job hunters within a 5 km radius by default, but job spotting can be done anywhere in the world. For employers willing to hire, the app allows spotting talent. Gauging the nature of available skills or a work ambiance is possible through a compulsory rating system done by registered users of the app.

What really sets our application apart is Nearby, a unique feature that allows users to build their brand and promote it in over 20 sector industries.

Mr. Avinash Sondhi, Founder & Managing Director's message, “JOS is the result of an ardent desire of our team to bring about a revolution in the human resource market. With limited, trustworthy options in the market today, finding the right job, the best services are indeed difficult. JOS is here to bridge that gap and show users the unlimited opportunities that are actually available.”

We work by the minute, to enable JOS to incorporate the best of differentiating features that jobs and services seekers look out for. For those looking to build their own brand, we now have ‘Nearby’ to sort out their trouble. We are location-based but that is not a limiting feature. We enable users to look for beneficial opportunities near them and across the globe, whichever suits them right. JOS will change the way employers and employees interact with each other,” said Guenter Stallecker, Co-Founder & Director, JOS.

One can be an employer looking to fill the vacancies in their office with the best skill sets or one may be a job hunter searching for the best pay package and employer. One may also be online looking for service providers for their daily needs. Be it a plumber, mason, mechanic or a driver, now, everything will be right at their fingertips with a quick swipe on smartphone.

By default, the JOS app scans and features jobs and services within a 5 km radius. Also, one is free to search for their needs at any mentioned location, beyond domestic boundaries. Through the JOS app, one is free to upload the curriculum vitae, spot an ideal job, engage with a prospective employer or employee directly, do a video chat or call and fix an appointment at a mutually convenient time. Security and privacy concerns are nil as transmitted data is absolutely secure.

Led by Avinash Sondhi, Guenter Stallecker, Luc Abert and Pirmin Schroff, Jobs On Sight International Pvt Ltd was set up in August 2016 and is a subsidiary company of Germany-based JOS International UG, mingling the best minds of both countries. The company already boasts of over a 50000+ subscriptions within a short period of time, mostly in India without any aggressive marketing initiatives.

JOS offers wide range of subscriptions in 25 categories and 100s of subcategories.

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