July 23, 2019


Are you looking for your dream job? Then get ready with your perfect resume. Don’t know how?

Don’t worry. JOS hain na boss. JOS has the tips and tricks for your perfect resume that will get you hired at your dream job.

Resume is the first thing that comes to our mind while searching for a job. Finding vacancies might be easier, but creating a perfect resume might not. With hundreds of samples online and even more number of conflicting piece of advice, it might seem difficult to start.

So, we have compiled the best advices in a easy to follow format which will appeal your recruiter and hopefully landing you to your dream job.


1. Know what you want, plan and then act:

Before looking for any job openings know what interests you and where do you see yourself in future. Ever wondered what kind of a job you want to do? What you will enjoy doing every day? Or where you see yourself in the next five, ten or fifteen years?

The job market has ample of opportunities for passionate candidates like you so never settle for less.

After you have decided your career objective match it with the industry, company and position you are targeting. Your career objective should be short and to the point. It should reflect your goals and your attitude which can be beneficial for the company. Career objective might be the first thing that the recruiter reads in your resume, so you have to put all your efforts in writing your career objective to impress the recruiter by showing goal clarity.

2. Designing your resume-

Resume design is very important for making a first-hand impression. Therefore, your resume should contain the following:

  • It should be simple and easy to read.
  • There should be sufficient white space
  • Font should be clean and professional with size not less than 11pt.
  • Margins should be there of at least .7 inches.
  • Keep each section of your resume short and to the point.
  • Keep your resume concise and it should not be more than 1-2 pages long.

3. Keep yourself reachable-

Before starting to write your resume add your contact information and make it easy for the recruiters to reach out to you. Contact info should include:

  • Permanent address
  • Contact number
  • Email

4. Academic background-

For a fresher who has graduated recently and is looking for a job; providing academic details (degrees or certification) along with your grades (GPA) becomes very important. It tells the recruiter a lot about you. Your degree/grades sometimes also might become one of the reason for shortlisting your resume.

5. List your experience-

This section should include all the industry experience, companies you have worked for, job title, and the time period you have worked there. You can also give brief detail about your key accomplishments and responsibilities. Your latest experience should be listed first followed by other experiences until your first job. Beyond that, you can also include any internships or college projects you may have worked on.

6. Show off your skills-

Skills are very important as it helps the recruiter to know why you are a good fit for the job. Write down all your relevant skills starting from those which are required for the job applied.

7. Mention your expertise, if any, and its level-

Tell your recruiter about all relevant things which you are expert at and the level of your expertise in mentioned aspect. It will leave a positive mark in your resume making you more deserving than other candidates.

8. Mention about your achievements/position of responsibility, if any

If you have taken any position of responsibility or have achieved something, you can mention it in your resume to add value to it.

9.Interest/hobbies/additional experience-

If you are a fresher, Add your resume with some additional information in brief or you can also make use of symbols which clearly defines your hobbies/interests.

For professionals with prior work experience, mention industry events or trends that you have interest such as latest technology trends, etc.