Our First Successful Collaboration – Shanti Business School
February 13, 2019

Our First Successful Collaboration – Shanti Business School

JOBS ON SIGHT INTERNATIONAL Pvt. Ltd. did it’s first campus selection in collaboration with SHANTI BUSINESS SCHOOL Ahmedabad on the 7th of February 2019 .

Providing a new company such a big platform with all the co-operations and patience, SBS truly was a big support.

Even though the college was busy with their Cultural Fest; which is a huge event, bringing in people from across the country and having various other colleges as their guests, yet they managed everything beautifully.

Speaking of the campus, not only that the infrastructure was striking, but the facilities were astonishing. From having a conference room to a Skype room, the college had everything.

Moreover, brilliant students.

We started the seminar with a presentation about us, JOS. Followed by the first round of interview.

It was one of the most difficult task to short list students for the second round. All the students were unbelievably good and beyond compare.

Post the first round of interview, we had our second round over a Skype call with Avinash and Güenter Stallecker our founders and directors, with our 4 selected student.

The interviews went as expected and the students provided satisfactory answers, impressing all of us.

Finally, we selected 3 students out of the final 4. One as our HR Executive and two for our sales and marketing team.

We are happy to have them in our JOS Family, and hope we maintain the best relations with SBS.