We Are Here To Serve You </br>#JOS APP
October 5, 2018

We Are Here To Serve You

We Are Here To Serve You #JOS APP

At JOS, we offer over 25 industry sectors to find #jobs around you . Students may look at summer internship to utilize their study breaks. For the neglected, unorganized labour segments, a modest registration on the platform is all it takes to help place your skills on hire, be it a plumber, mason, electrician, on-hire drivers or housekeepers.

For those looking for their coveted job, JOS will meet expectations with slotted results for a filtered search that meet qualifications.

#JOS has on its radar, daily wage workers who stand every morning at the cross roads, no matter what the weather condition. Through this application they can plan their entire day or even week.

Jobs On Sightocuses on its contribution to convenience. Be it about getting staff recruited directly or designing a schedule for home and office, be it employing a nurse in a hospital or hiring an auto rickshaw or taxi, the application satisfies all your demands.

You may be semi- skilled, unskilled or skilled. An individual could be working in a factory, may be a Chartered Accountant, a nurse, doctor, a software engineer or any other #professional working in the corporate world.

You could also be a security guard, a construction worker, waiter, chef, a driver, a daily wage worker who has to stand at cross roads early in the morning scouting for an earning opportunity. And you may find comfort at JOS. Never mind the specifics of your skill set, Jobs on sight has them listed and will always find your perfect placement.

At JOS, we believe in bringing people together, thereby solving mutual requirements. This is an #innovative employment platform that banks on user-friendliness and has something for everyone. This is your one-stop shop and endless #opportunities wait to be explored.

Having an arrangement like ours, not only re-assures you of services being received but also comes to the rescue when ‘you’ are the one exploring the opportunity of #employment.

You can seek an opportunity of employment in sectors like transport, trade or sales OR you can cater your services domestically as a tutor, baker or music teacher. The opportunities are endless.

Our Vision is to see every individual in the globe employed & self sufficient. Jobs On Sight is your one stop shop.

So if you’re a potential employer and in need of #hiring someone’s services, this is the perfect platform to find your solution!!

Download #JOS app now : #Joshainnaboss

Android:- http://bit.ly/2xIqYDV iTunes:- https://apple.co/2NMjGcr#JOS

Visit us : www.jobsonsight.org , call us on 079 4800 9232 or simply email : support@jobsonsight.org