Now locating service providers is easier than before
May 14, 2019

Now locating service providers is easier than before

Have you recently shifted your house or moved to a new city? Are you planning a wedding? Lost your car keys?

If so, then you would have needed to locate a plumber, electrician, DJ, locksmith etc. Were you clueless about finding them? Did you rely on others to help you? Its time consuming to get these service providers through friends and family. What if you could locate them with just a few clicks on your mobile?

JOS, known for providing location based services, makes your search for service providers easier and effective. One can find the nearest service providers and contact them using FREE in-app communication feature. The in-app communication includes texting, voice call and video call. It prevents sharing of mobile numbers and maintains the much-needed privacy.

On top of it, locating and using the services of service provider on JOS app is absolutely FREE for both the parties. So, no hefty commission from service provider and service seeker.

The service provider and service seeker can now rate each other about the services availed. Good behavior and services will ensure a better rating for the service provider and hence will manifold increase the chances to get more business. JOS app is helping service providers to get the much-deserved visibility that will ensure steady income for these service providers.

After the services are availed, the service seeker can make the payment using the JOS wallet. This ensures faster payment as well as no hassle to find cash or cards.

The abundance of cheaper smartphone and internet has helped many service providers to become the part of the internet economy. JOS app, with its location-based services, is revolutionizing the way we find the jobs and the services. It builts an easy connect between the service provider and service seeker.

So, don’t wait anymore. Download the JOS app now and easily find all relevant service providers around you. Also help to spread the word across your family and friends and earn money that you can use to pay service providers or merchants associated with JOS.

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