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August 28, 2019

Understand Digital Marketing

If you are looking to grow your business and get new customers regularly, its important that you must promote you products or services. These days marketing strategies play a big role in the success of your products or services.

There was time when traditional marketing such as business cards, notices, announcements, handouts, print advertisements in daily newspapers and magazines were popular. However, disadvantage with traditional marketing is that you would need to invest in creating those promotion materials and distributing them. Hence marketing cost are very high for traditional marketing. Also the reach is limited in traditional marketing. You can only reach a block, a popular area or a whole city, depending on your budget

Digital marketing is the marketing and promotion of products or services on digital equipment such as mobile, laptop, etc. As long as, users are able to see your advertisement on such devices, it will be referred as digital marketing. A very popular form of digital marketing is social media marketing. Google and Facebook generate millions of dollar through advertising on their platform. Content driven marketing is another form of digital marketing. It includes Blogs, Webinars etc. Advantage with digital marketing is that it’s very cost effective and the reach is unlimited. Today content generated in one country are seen by citizens of multiple other countries. Hence twitter, Instagram are really popular.

Another popular medium is JOS app. It is world’s first location based platform where one can find jobs, service provider and business deals. JOS app is very helpful app in digital marketing for your Business. Below is the list of features that can help increase your reach to customers and get repeat business

Location based Deals & Discount:

JOS app is location based platform that displays all business establishments around your location, making it easier to find relevant services in your vicinity.

Audio, video call, chat

Connect with any local or global vendors using in-app communication feature. Text the business or call them, pick your choice. Video call gives the facility to connect better with customers

Live Audience

Send your advertisement to live audience who receives the notifications on their smartphone. Unlimited advertisement makes it easier to communicate your regular deals and discounts to customers

Create Group

Create group of your loyal customers to keep them updated about your special and unique offers only for the privileged customers.

Go ahead and download JOS app to communicate with your customers and grow your business.