Transformative Innovation #JOSAPP
February 25, 2019

Transformative Innovation #JOSAPP

What people want?

A perfect job, good services, decent employees, accessible facilities, economic consistency and of course, to become another well known person.

But siting inside a cubicle, loosing faith on a positive life and surviving a dead end job doesn’t really take you anywhere, causing health and mental issues which becomes an added expense later on.

Looking closer to each and every problem a human faces, Avinash Sondhi and Güenter Stalleker came up with Jobs On Sight International Pvt. Ltd. also known as JOS APP.

This is not a mere application that would solve just one problem. This indeed provide solutions to every basic facility a person can avail. Be it booking an auto or finding a job/ employee, advertising about your company or getting a global access, everything becomes convenient under one application.

Helping people grow.

JOS has been helping people in their development from the very first day of it’s launch. Their main motive is to reduce unsatisfied employment and become a platform to provide maximum employment irrespective of one’s background.

Money and time management

Providing with numerous facilities under the most affordable prices is what add values to JOS.

A banner or brochure costs much more than what JOS charges for a 6 months subscription or a yearly subscription.

One gets the benefit of posting unlimited advertisements and announcements, long with that, they can even hire people and everything gets included in the one time purchase of the plan.

Keeps customer happy

JOS has managed to keep all the customers happy. Making sure to have interactions and business relations with all the companies registered with them, big or small.

Improving everyday

The reviews of people and it’s constantly well-known IT team and fellow members make sure JOS is user-friendly and keeps improving every day. Bringing in best features and being a one-stop solution for all daily needs.

JOS has no competition

Jobs On Sight clearly doesn’t have a single competitor so far. It is a combination of all the facilities other individual companies provide, moreover, it is more accessible.

A mobile app with so many branches to help ensure development in each individualwell-known isn’t something anyone thought about. This is a great platform to explore, with various opportunities to grab on. Dowload app today

A creation made for the best.